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Trade fairs and Events at FIBES 2019

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Trade fairs and Events at FIBES 2019

Another great year of events has just started, and 2019 will be certainly a very busy year for us at FIBES Conference and Exhibition Centre. This new year will be a very special one because our venue in Spain will be multiplying conferences, trade fairs, musical shows, etc.

Here is a short summary of some of the recent announcements and events that will be taking place at FIBES this year. Do not miss anything and come to enjoy FIBES!


LOGO simof

Salón Internacional de la Moda Flamenca, SIMOF 25 Aniversario (7th – 10th February 2019)

This year we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of SIMOF. Sevilla will be the capital of the world of “moda flamenca”. A third consecutive year in the new building, it will be a large exposition zone next to the main lobby, named as Simof Ego. With excellent all-around visibility where there will be various stands as well as the press. You can buy your tickets to SIMOF 25 Aniversario here!


Andalucía Sabor, International Fine Food  Exhibition (23rd-25th September 2019)

Andalucía Sabor is the official meeting of the highest professionals of the food sector as well as high gastronomy. This is an international event where professionals all over the world reunite at this special event to discuss and debate about the processed food and fishing power.


MMH, Mining and Mineral Hall ( 15th-17th October)

MMH is an International Event specialized in Metalic Mining, a sector that has lived a high moment and has developed into a tool of strategic economic development in Europe, Spain and Andalusia.

Conferences and Congresses


Cumbre Mundial WTTC – World Travel & Tourism Council (2nd – 4th April 2019)

Cumbre Mundial WTTC is a well-known event in the international calendars of Travel and Tourism. It reunites personalities of public and private sectors to debate and discuss aspects that concerned to this sector in an opened forum. In 2019 the focus theme is called ‘Cambiadores’ taking advantage of its 500 anniversary. Do not miss the opportunity and join now!


53 Annual Meeting for European Paediatric and Congenital Cardiology (AEPC 2019) (15th-18th May 2019)

Over the last 50 years their specialties have not only demonstrated an evolution, but even a revolution of diagnoses and interventional techniques, neonates and adult congenital surgery, training management and social influence. If you would not miss this congress you could register now at the AEPC website.


Congreso Nacional AVEPA-SEVC 2019. SOUTHERN EUROPEAN VETERINARY CONFERENCE (7th – 9th November 2019)

An international event where professionals of veterinarian sector all over the world reunite at FIBES to debate and discuss the latest advances in animal care. This event offers the opportunity to veterinarians to learn more through the workshops and talks that are programmed for this Congress.


cartelitos_falla_sevilla_2019_253x150 fibes

El Falla en Sevilla 2019 (15th – 16th March 2019)

Our venue in Spain will hold the 7th edition of Gran Gala de Carnaval de Cádiz where, after very successful years, six groups of the most recognized and well-known show in Cádiz (Spain) will perform at FIBES.  The poster will show the opportunity to enjoy of the 3 winners at the modalities of ‘Chirigota’ and ‘Comparsas’. If you are a Carnaval lover you can not miss this show. Buy your tickets for El Falla en Sevilla 2019!


Bob Dylan (3rd May 2019)

Bob Dylan returns to Spain. Under an aura of an intimated and unique show that deep into the traditional American songbook, the musician that made history winning a Nobel award return to our country with 8 dates where you can enjoy an ever seen before Bob Dylan. Buy the ticket for the Bob Dylan show at FIBES.


Raphael Resinphonico Tour (21st – 24th November 2019)

The Spanish singer Raphael return to the stages to present his latest album ‘Resinphónico’, a hybrid between the orchestra music and electronic music that allow him to make a new version of his most successful songs. After almost 60 years dedicated to the music world, Raphael will start the ‘Resinphónico Tour 2019’ where you can buy the tickets here!


Since first opening its doors in 1989, FIBES Conference and Exhibition Centre has hosted all types of events. Nowadays, we have multiplied the quantity of events we hold in our space. For more information about the events at FIBES you can take a look at our calendars of Trade Shows, Conferences and Shows.

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