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FIBES is composed of two buildings, FIBES I and FIBES II, completely independent from one another in terms of style and function. Connected by an impressive footbridge with plenty of exhibition space, the two buildings can be used as a single venue or as two independent premises.


Sevilla Fibes 1 Exhibition Centre


FIBES I was designed to host large exhibitions and trade fairs, with three huge exhibition halls of 7,200 m2 each with no pillars at all and service boxes every 8 metres. These three halls are linked by a wide corridor to the conference centre building, where the 2 auditoria and breakout rooms are to be found.


The main attraction of this building are the outstanding waterfalls that surround the outdoor square at the entrance to FIBES I. Once inside, the luminous marble Dome Hall gives way to all auditoria, rooms, restaurants, and halls.


Pabellon of Fibes

Front hall of Fibes

Fibes I inside the Centre

Area Capacity Pictures
Auditorio Al-Ándalus 1,029 people View
Auditorio Itálica 423 people View
Salón Multiusos Albaicín 500 people View
Sala Ronda 175 people View
Sala Bahía 175 people
Sala Marismas 75 people View
Sala Mezquita 75 people View
Sala Cazorla 66 people View
Sala Mojácar 50 people View
Sala VIP 260 m2 View
Sala CLUB 170 m2 View
4 single offices 16 m2/office View
2 double offices 32 m2/office View
Dome (Cúpula) 380 m2 View
Hall upper level 698 m2
  • Hall Itálica
  • Hall Ronda
Hall lower level 368 m2
  • Hall Club
  • Hall Vip
3 exhibition halls 7,200 m2/hall View
  • Empty
  • 3×3 stand
  • 4×4 stand
2 outdoors triangles 3,500 m2 /triangle


This is the main entrance to the New Conference Centre Fibes II and the linking footbridge between FIBES I and II. It has three outdoor exhibition areas and three indoor exhibition areas, as well as 15 breakout rooms on level 3 (one of them is located on the Mezzanine).


Fibes Module A footbridge  Fibes Module A footbridge  Fibes Module A footbridge

Area Capacity Pictures
7 Multipurpose rooms 32 pax/room View
6 Multipurpose rooms 12 pax/room View
2 Multipurpose rooms 139 pax/room View
Indoor exhibition area 687 m2 View
Outdoor exhibition area 678 m2 View

This is the central and multipurpose area of FIBES II with direct access to Modules A and C. The registration, exhibition, and catering areas are to be found on levels 1 and 2. The multiple configurable rooms are on level 3, on the same floor than the meeting rooms of Module A. These rooms can be configured thanks to a mobile wall system or used as a wide open exhibition area of 1,450 m2.

Module B Fibes

Area Capacity Pictures
20 configurable rooms 1.450 m2 View
  • París
  • Bruselas
  • Madrid
Registration and exhibition 2.500 m2 View
Catering area 2.200 m2 View
Storage area 1.009 m2
4 secretariat offices 23-35 m2 View

This module hosts the state-of-the-art Auditorium which has a maximum capacity for 3,200 people and a 620 m2 stage. The Auditorium can be divided into 2 or 3 simultaneous auditoria with capacities for: 1,950 (central stalls) and 700 people (upper part of the auditorium) or 1,950, 340 and 400 people.

In addition, it has rooms for press, videoconferencing, TV, CLUB, VIP uses, and dressrooms.

Module C Fibes

Area Capacity Pictures
Auditorium 1 + 2 + 3
  • Auditorium 1
1,940 pax View
  • Auditorium 2
340 pax View
  • Auditorium 3
400 pax View
4 additional rooms
  • Press room
105 pax View
  • Multipurpose room 1
60 pax View
  • Multipurpose room 2
130 pax View
  • Press room
100 pax View
4 Dress rooms 30 m2 View
3 VIP rooms 36 m2 View


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