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Mangafest returns to Seville on 6, 7 y 8 December

Mangafest returns to Seville on 6, 7 y 8 December

  • More tan 500 entertainment activities will suprise visitors.
  • Artists, youtubers, influencers, actors, etc
  • Seville will be Capital of Manga in Andalusia another year
  • The last edition broke records with more than 60,000 visitors

Seville, May 16, 2019. Mangafest, the best entertainment festival in Andalusia returns to Seville. The 8th Edition will be on 6, 7 and 8 December.
The Festival of Asian culture and digital entertainment of Sevilla will celebrate in Palace of Exhibition and Congress of Sevilla (FIBES). Where fans of manga, anime, digital entertainment will enjoy three full days of suprises.

The 8th Edition of Mangafest will be many new surprises. This year is the first time in the history of festival Friday will open its doors all day. Taking advantage of the fact that Friday is a holiday, visitors can enjoy the whole day of activities and things to do.
Mangafest will have three full days from morning to night with a wide assortment of activities for all audiences.

Asian explosión in Andalusia

With 60,000 visitors in 2018, Mangafest expands horizons in all its áreas. Visitors will find more than 22,000 square meters of activisies in two pavilions, conference romos, auditórium and outdoor áreas. They will enjoy two scenarios where will be performances, presentations, exhibitions and more.

Manga, anime and Asian culture will be to Mangafest by editorials. They will present their news, illustrators, authors and figures of national dubbing. Furthermore, fans will be find language, relaxation, origami, gastronomy activities and conferences with oriental professionals. Like this, the festival will be a huge cultural offer.

Bigger all family area

Mangafest grows therefore the children’s área too. This zone was one of the most visited and had huge number of activities. Childrens will enjoy different activities: drawing, animation, costumes and attractions.

National and international guests

One of the best activities of visitors is the opportunity to meet with guests. The next Edition will have national and international guests. We will be announced progressively until festival. Fans will find influencers, content creators, authors, artists, actors, youtubers, cosplayers and more.

Mangafest will seek to once again be the event with the greatest presence of professional guests from Andalusia.

More K-Pop and cosplay

K-Pop zone will experience numerous improvements in 2019.

“Made in Korea” music will be strong in the world. Korean artists are playing on the main international radios. K-Pop fans will not only be able to participate in the annual contest to show all their talent; they will also be able to follow performances, exhibitions and conferences around Korean music.

One more year will return Mangafest Cosplay Awards, the praised and recognized cosplay contest that each edition packed the auditorium of FIBES with more than 1,000 spectators and some thirty national and international professional cosplayers that will act characterized in real life as manga characters, anime, video games, series or movies.

Digital entertainment and virtual reality

Technology at the service of entertainment will once again be part of the Mangafest activities. There will be an huge zone where you can try the last technology in virtual reality and digital entertainment. Visitors can have fun together dancing, singing and enjoying digital experiences.

Tickets On Sale

Mangafest tickets are now available online. Temporally like release offer it is posible to buy discounted tickets:

  • Friday: 8 euros
  • Saturday: 8 euros
  • Sunday: 8 euros.

When the offer will finish the Price will be:

  • Friday: 10 euros
  • Saturday: 10 euros
  • Sunday: 10 euros.

Ticket will give access to more than 500 activities in all weekend.

About Best Way Group

Best Way Group is the promoter of leading events in Seville, including Mangafest, an Andalusian reference in the manga, anime and digital leisure culture that receives more than 60,000 visitors each year. More than six years after its foundation, the company holds cultural and entertainment events throughout Andalusia, collaborating with private companies and public institutions, and focusing on fields such as Asian culture, digital leisure, technology and entertainment for all audiences.

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